Digium VPMOCT0256 Módulo de Cancelamento de Eco 256 Canais

Fabricantes: Digium
Código do produto: VPMOCT0256
Disponibilidade: Sob Encomenda
Preço: R$ 6.968,00
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    5x sem juros de R$ 1.393,60
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Digium VPMOCT0256 Módulo de Cancelamento de Eco 256 Canais

 Datasheet do Equipamento

For Asterisk users who connect to the PSTN, the most common type of echo is hybrid echo - the echo introduced by the impedance mismatch between 2-wire and 4-wire telephone circuits. The echo manifests as a distorted and delayed reflection of the users voice while in conversation with an external party through the PSTN. Asterisk itself offers a range of software-based open source echo cancellation routines that are moderately effective in eliminating the hybrid mismatch echo that most Asterisk users experience.

However, there are cases in which these algorithms are not effective. To combat this, Digium introduced DSP-based echo cancellation modules for our multi-port T1/E1/J1 cards and our analog cards.

  • Up to 256 channels
  • Compatible with the TE820F (bundled as TE820BF)

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